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Slettmeg.no («deleteme.no») is a service from Norwegian Centre for Information Security (NorSIS). The aim of the service is to help people who experience privacy violations online.


Slettmeg.no offers advice and guidance to people of all ages who find offending material about themselves on the Internet. Offending material might be photos published without permission, fake profiles on different Internet services, incorrect personal information or harassment.

People who have published this information themselves, but regret it and want this information removed, may also get in touch with slettmeg.no for support.

Slettmeg.no has no mandate to demand anything removed from the Internet. The service is only meant to give advice and guidance on how to act if you want information about yourself on the Internet deleted or corrected.

The website contains informative self-help articles on subjects related to privacy violations online, articles informing about the relevant legal rights on the Internet and contact details for the most important Internet service providers.

Slettmeg.no is, however, more than a web page. People may contact the service by phone, email or contact form. The opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 12 am – 05 pm.

The service was launched in March 2010.